"Waterfield has risen to every challenge. Regardless of what we've thrown at them, they've been able to figure it out."

- Julie Mathis, VP, Operational Accounting at WPX Energy on the development process with Waterfield Energy 

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"Now we're running processes in minutes when it used to take us a day and a half."

- Rebecca Paris, Accounting Supervisor of Federal & Indian Reporting at WPX Energy on the performance of Waterfield's platform 


"Are we going to be able to close revenue? Are we going to be able to cut royalty checks and are they going to be correct? I’m happy to say that in some cases we weren’t just on time but we were a day early. You don’t ever hear that in a system implementation. "

- Kevin Vann, Executive VP & CFO at WPX Energy on going live with Waterfield Energy's software

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